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Yiroh & Dongyi

Busan, South Korea

Spring, I went to Busan, Korea for shooting Yiroh and Dongyi's wedding. This Taiwanese-Korean couple are my good friends. Yiroh is a Taiwanese textile artist, she is also the founder of the pottery and textile brand "身 物". Dongyi 동이 is from Busan, South Korea, and is a double bassist.
His album "A Method of Analyzing Capsaicin" won the Golden Sound Award and the Korean Sound Award in 2023, please feel free to explore more about his album. I especially love to quietly appreciate it on rainy days.

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What did they say
about the experience?

Taking photos with Yun feels very comfortable, and she's really good at making me feel at ease and laugh. You probably can't tell from the wedding photos that I was suffering from adenovirus at the time. Looking at the photos, I almost forgot how uncomfortable physically I felt that day, and I even had a fever the next day. But all it remains, are the happy and blissful moments. Traditional weddings are like a ceremony. Everyone who came seemed satisfied and happy, which was my greatest satisfaction. There were many traditional elements, with many details, it is very different from modern ceremony processes. From the Korean traditional band, the sedan chair, the rituals, the rice tossing, to the family blessings, there were many beautiful craftsmanship details in everything from clothing to props. Yun pays attention to every details, she came the day before to learn about the traditions,  hooting a Korean traditional wedding felt like running a marathon. Thank you, Yun, for capturing such a wonderful day for us.

— Yiroh & Dongyi

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