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Po & Willy

Dallas, Texas, United States

MUA/ Mien makeup artist


What did they say
about the experience?

After meticulously reviewing numerous portfolios, we ultimately chose Yun for her natural style. To our delight, she exceeded our expectations. Despite never having lived in or visited Dallas, she dedicated hours to exploring locations for our photo shoot. Yun unearthed hidden gems that even I, a resident of 20 years, had never heard of, and the resulting scenery was absolutely breathtaking.


Prior to the photo shoot, Yun conducted informative sessions to review the chosen locations, provided advice on wardrobe selection, and walked us through a variety of poses to ensure our preparedness. The actual photo shoot proceeded seamlessly, thanks to Yun's organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail. Throughout the session, she engaged with us, ensuring our comfort, and expertly guided us on how to maintain a natural look, preventing us from appearing stiff or robotic in the photographs.

— Po & Willy

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