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Joy of Earth

Hsinchu, Taiwan


What did they say about the experience?


In 2023, I began conceptualizing my first card deck, "Seeds of Joy." Understanding the significance of professional photography in portraying the essence and atmosphere of the cards, I invited Yun, a trusted and aligned energy healer, to handle the product and brand photography. We embarked on the shoot in June at "Shin Zhang Workshop," a natural photography studio surrounded by greenery and tranquility.

Photography had always been a challenge for me, as I felt uncomfortable in front of the camera. However, Yun's approach made the experience light and enjoyable, allowing me to relax and be myself. She gathered reference photos and provided guidance to ensure an efficient and comfortable shoot.

To me, photography is a collaboration, a joint creation. Yun effortlessly guided me through the shoot, helping me forget about the camera and focus on the present moment. Together, we captured many precious moments, and in no time, Yun declared that we had achieved our desired shots.

Reflecting on the process, I realized the intrinsic value photography brought beyond material images. It instilled confidence, self-awareness, and facilitated the transmission of product energy and quality. Photography became a source of inspiration and motivation, empowering me to share my story.

Booking a photography service is a wise investment, offering sustainability, environmental friendliness, and the preservation of precious moments. It fosters inner strength, confidence, and enhances the quality of storytelling.

I sincerely thank Yun for igniting hope and light in my card deck and brand. Gratitude extends to all photographers who have crossed my path, each contributing their unique service and perspective. Let's support each soul navigating their life's journey with gratitude and energy.


— Kumud, Founder of "Joy of Earth"

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