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California, United States

After arriving at LAX airport, I saw Chaya driving to pick me up.
The golden California sun was casting its rays on her face as she greeted me with a warm smile at five in the afternoon.
We embraced warmly as soon as we met, and she handed me a matcha latte.

The last time we met was two or three years ago at a friend's gathering, where we didn't have much chance to talk deeply. In the blink of an eye, our lives had changed so much over these three years. I settled in Taitung after getting married, while she decided to stay in the United States after solo traveling here. She took me to a genuine Seolleongtang restaurant in K town, where we started exchanging recent life stories over the warm soup, eagerly anticipating the upcoming shooting journey.

On the morning of the shoot, with light and natural makeup applied, we drove to Big Bear Lake National Park. She mentioned her love for forests and lakes, and every image framed by the car window seemed like a scene from a movie. The golden sunlight pierced through the long veil, scattering into colorful halos through my lens, as beautiful as prose. In that moment, I remembered why I fell deeply in love with photography in the first place: the magic of capturing the present moment.


What did they say
about the experience?

I'm delighted to have chosen Yun for our wedding photoshoot. Her attention to detail and thoroughness left a lasting impression on us. Throughout the shoot, she efficiently selected locations and guided our poses. What made it even more thoughtful was the pre-shoot discussion. Yun provided all the location details and prepared a presentation to explain everything to us. She also offered advice on outfit and makeup coordination, making the overall planning seamless. The discussion felt like brainstorming with a dear friend, very comfortable and smooth communication. She gave us plenty of flexibility while maintaining her professionalism. Yun's easy-going nature made us feel incredibly relaxed during the shoot. What I love most is her unique perspective on the world, capturing stories full of atmosphere and unique emotions from her point of view.

— Chaya

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